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In the Holy Land of Israel, near the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem, there is a special place where you and your loved ones can begin a new chapter of their life. A Life without addiction.

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Holy Land Rehab is an established private premium rehab center in Israel focused on treating various addictions with specific and effective traditional and modern therapies for patients in need of individual care with problems of alcoholism, narcotics, internet, eating disorders, gambling, dual diagnosis, and other destructive compulsive behaviors.
Holy Land Rehab offers a chance to escape the distractions and triggers commonly found in everyday life and toxic environments and allows the patient to recuperate and focus on getting physically and mentally restored to health. Our patients come from around the world, including Israel, North and Latin America, the UK, Europe, South Africa, and Australia.

Need help, or need to talk with someone? You can call us toll-free at 888-446-5952 or reach out to us via WhatsApp.

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