Tequila Makes You Sick, and Other Hangover Myths can land you in Alcohol Detox.

Our Miami rehabilitation center includes Alcohol Detox as part of our comprehensive program; clients discover freedom from dependency on drugs and alcohol. They learn the truth about substance abuse and the habits that lead to addiction. One thing clients might know are the facts about alcohol and hangovers. Here are a few:

Tequila makes you sick like nothing else: MYTH.

Some of us may think of tequila as a drink we should avoid if we don’t want a massive hangover the next day, but it will not intoxicate us more than any other liquor. Tequila has a reputation as a party drink, so we may think of it in the context of drinking too much, which is where the hangovers come in.

Sweet and cheap drinks give you hangovers more than expensive, dry drinks: MYTH.

Alcohol is the same whether it’s in sugary drinks, cheap whiskeys, or expensive wines. Maybe sweet martinis go down more accessible, but the alcoholic content is why we have a hangover the next day.

Burnt toast or Mexican sausage will clear up a hangover: MYTH.

Ethanol has carbon in its molecule. Matching that with the carbon from burnt toast makes this a potential hangover solver if it works. The alcohol has already run through our systems by the time our heads are pounding, so eating burnt toast while drinking may help ward off a hangover by combining it with ethanol. A better preventer is Mexican sausage or other greasy foods. Lining our stomachs with grease works against our bodies’ assimilation of the alcohol, the equivalent of drinking the same amount over a much more extended period of time. But it doesn’t work at all after the hangover has started.

“Beer before liquor, never been sicker:” MYTH.

Drinking hard liquor first doesn’t guard us against hangovers, but it may put us in a better position to choose to stop. That’s the key to avoiding a hangover: don’t drink too much. The order of our drinks doesn’t make a difference. Alcohol is Alcohol, and too much alcohol may require Alcohol Detox.

A buddy passed out. A little sleep will do him good: MYTH.

If a friend has passed out from too many drinks, we should get him to the ER as soon as possible. Our bodies can’t handle much alcohol abuse. Over time, it will permanently damage our brains, but before then, we may start vomiting or pass out from too much toxicity. That’s our body’s way of saying, “Stop it!” The danger of passing out is from internal shock or choking on vomit, among other things.

Drinking alcohol is not a harmless social pastime. People can become addicted, and they can die from alcohol abuse. That’s one reason our rehabilitation network is available. Call us at Holy Land Rehab to learn how to handle your issues with alcohol and what you can recommend to friends and family. Our comforting staff makes alcohol detox a breeze.

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