Israel boasts some of the finest beaches around. From Tel Aviv to Galilee and Red Seas, Israel offers something special for every beachgoer.

Banana Beach lies between Jaffa and Tel Aviv’s modern hotels, providing an idyllic spot for Friday evening drum circles, bikini girls hula-hooping hula hoops and endless games of matkot.

Tel Aviv Beach

No matter your beach-goer type, Israel’s top beaches will make for an unforgettable experience. Offering everything from snorkelling tours to resort-style beach areas, Israel’s premier beaches are sure to enhance any holiday.

Gordon Beach offers an exciting experience for any visitor to Tel Aviv, located right outside the Hilton Tel Aviv hotel and home to many restaurants and beach bars that serve tasty bites or refreshing beverages at all hours of the day. Furthermore, Gordon Beach has become popular among surfers looking for lessons.

Frishman Beach offers an ideal setting for a more laid-back beach day. With soft sand that runs along its shoreline and proximity to hotels and shops nearby, Frishman is one of the city’s central beaches, easily accessible from hotels and shops along its shoreline. Furthermore, Frishman is home to numerous tidal pools so you can spend an entire day underwater discovering reefs lining its coast line.

Givat Aliyah Beach in Givat Aliyah, Israel is the southernmost beach on this list and a local favourite, thanks to being both dog-friendly and offering privacy below the boardwalk. Furthermore, with an adjoining park featuring outdoor exercise equipment and cafes in the sand nearby, this spot provides more than just beach access.

Alma Beach

Pinging rubber balls bouncing between wooden paddles set the atmosphere for this tranquil city beach that sits just outside some of Tel Aviv’s premier hotels. Locals of all ages enjoy relaxing here while sunbathing or playing paddleball or volleyball on public nets, providing a welcome respite from Tel Aviv’s bustling activity. You can also grab lunch from nearby Manta Ray restaurant – one of Tel Aviv’s veteran culinary landmarks.

Gordon Beach is an ideal spot for Tel Avivians and tourists to come together. A bustling central beach, Gordon offers prime people-watching, families with young children playing on its soft sand, calm waters and playground. Next door lies Gordon Swimming Pool for those wanting an active beach day experience or who want more active entertainment on this stretch of sand.

Frishman Beach is one of Tel Aviv’s top beaches. Boasting an expansive stretch of golden sand framed by the vibrant facade of Dan Hotel, Frishman attracts a mix of locals, tourists and twenty-somethings who appreciate its relaxed ambience and breathtaking views of old-city Jaffa’s port and towers.

On Israel’s southern tip lies one of the best beaches for swimming and snorkeling among the vibrant coral reefs of the Red Sea – Coral Beach Nature Reserve is home to this protected beach where diving expeditions may also be available.

Zikim Beach

Israel boasts four seas (the Mediterranean, Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea), plus an isolated stretch of desert coast to provide plenty of stunning beaches. Whether you prefer Tel Aviv’s buzz or quieter retreats further north, Israel offers something suitable for every style and mood – here are our favorite beaches!

Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv offers everything a city beach should, with sunbeds, changing rooms, and an ocean-view cafe – the ideal place to start exploring Israel’s beaches!

Metzitzim Beach is another gem located just a short walk north of Tel Aviv, featuring fine white sand, peaceful surroundings with lush lawns, an outdoor workout area, and beach volleyball courts. While twentysomething Israelis drink Goldstar on weekends here, weekdays tend to be quieter.

Visit Netanya for an even livelier beach experience at Sironit Beach, situated adjacent to Herzl Beach and offering watersports activities as well as the tropical ambience that make up one of Israel’s premier beaches.

Palmachim Beach, on the other hand, is an idyllic destination tucked between low cliffs that offer tranquillity and an ideal place for scenic photographs. Additionally, locals often gather here and play matkot – an addictive and challenging ball hitting game involving players trying to hit it between themselves without it falling to the ground – or other popular matkot variants such as mini golf.

Kalia Beach at the Dead Sea is a favorite among Jerusalemites looking for an idyllic day trip at one of Israel’s finest beaches. Offering amenities such as changing rooms, restrooms and even a beachfront cafe compared to more remote spots, Kalia Beach makes an excellent day trip destination.

Herzliya Beach

No matter the season or activity – be it splashing around in the waves, playing beach ping-pong or lounging under a cabana – Israel’s beaches offer something for every traveler to do and experience. More than simply places for sun worshiping and relaxation, they serve as hubs of Israeli society; where friends meet, families frolic and gym rats keep fit. With four seas available – Mediterranean, Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea and Red Sea – each tourist can find his or her ideal beach experience.

Alma Beach is an idyllic retreat for Tel Avivians seeking relaxation and watermelons, located a short walk away from Jaffa. Stroll along its grassy lawns where 24-7 barbecues seem to take place until you find an inviting stretch of sand where young and old locals alike come to sunbathe or play volleyball on it – no cars here – only rubber balls bouncing between wooden paddles!

Zikim Beach sits at the southernmost end of the Mediterranean and is an austere yet otherworldly stretch of sand bounded by an imposing power station on one side and the Gaza strip on the other. Sunbathers, young people out partying all night long and wildlife can all be found here.

If you’re in search of something more family-oriented, head to Metzitzim Beach just north of Herzliya; here there are three volleyball courts and an outdoor workout area. Or for something with more of a twentysomething vibe head over to Namal Tel Aviv with beach ping-pong players, surfers, and the Goldstar drinking crowds.

An unforgettable Israel experience, taking a dip in the Dead Sea is unmissable. Situated at its lowest point on land, this salty body of water should be put on your bucket list. Ein Bokek Beach offers wide beach facilities perfect for travelers.

Coral Beach

Coral Beach Nature Reserve in Eilat, Israel is an internationally acclaimed marine reserve known for housing some of the world’s northernmost coral reefs. Its crystal waters teem with vibrant fish species and beautiful marine landscapes – making this beach ideal for snorkeling in Israel.

Reef stretches the full length of Coral Beach and is one of the densest coral reefs in Red Sea. Visitors to Coral Beach Reserve can see it from small pools or bridges built over it; no professional diver is necessary to admire its beauty!

Visitors to this stunning beach can rent snorkeling equipment and explore the coral reef or go deeper to explore deeper protrusions of it and view underwater wildlife in its natural habitat. However, this delicate ecosystem must be treated with great care as any damage or disruption could have devastating repercussions for its inhabitants – therefore preserving this stunning beach requires great consideration and preservation measures must be put in place.

If you prefer not to explore alone, guided tours of coral reefs with experienced guides offer another option. This is an especially good idea for beginners and children as a guide can assist them in safely exploring this environment.

Renting a car makes reaching Eilat’s Red Sea shores easy. Central Eilat is just a few kilometers from the coastline, with busses operating regularly during summer to take you directly to the beach. Or hire a taxi, although this may prove more costly.

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