Israel’s drug problem is complex and cannot be tackled solely by MOH and IADA agencies alone; an integrated harm reduction policy, involving various government departments is needed in order to be successful.

House of Victory provides a warm, family atmosphere where men with substance abuse issues can find hope and assistance. As Israel’s first Bible-based residential rehabilitation center, it specializes in rehabilitation through Bible reading programs.

House of Victory

Tel Aviv offers several rehab centers dedicated to treating people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, with House of Victory as one of the more specialized rehabilitation facilities for men. As a non-profit organization dedicated to healing addicts from substance use disorder and leading productive lives again, House of Victory specializes in treating men suffering from such issues while offering counseling and support to their families as well.

Eric Benson, director of House of Victory, has extensive experience working with outreach and rehabilitation programs in New York City as well as training to work with men who struggle with substance abuse. Following this, he moved to Israel and founded House of Victory Ministry; offering programs including family therapy sessions as well as individual and family psychotherapy for addicts undergoing addiction treatment as well as counseling services, spiritual guidance programs such as Bible studies, discipleship training courses and fellowship events with fellow believers.

Neve Tzedek is also home to the IDF Museum, a collection of buildings that display exhibits on different IDF units and commanders, providing history buffs with an ideal place to visit. Tel Dan’s ruins were excavated in 1993 by Israeli archaeologist Avraham Biran and feature a seven-meter high relief showing a woman and child standing atop a temple – making an interesting stop along your tour through Israel.

The Jewish Home party reaffirmed its resolve that the contentious Regulation Bill legalizing thousands of West Bank settlement homes will pass when it comes up for vote Monday in the Knesset plenum. Their members maintain that residents in Samaria, Judea, and Jordan Valley deserve an “ordinary” life similar to Tel Aviv or Kfar Saba.

Aryeh Deri, leader of his party’s voters, says they support it, yet acknowledge that there will be tough opposition from other right-wing parties in the Knesset; including secular, Arab, and religious elements that will oppose it.

Tel Aviv Outreach

Tel Aviv Outreach stands apart from other Israeli charities by targeting only one segment: Jews. Rabbi Eckstein sees Tel Aviv Outreach’s work as crucial in healing divisions that have emerged since the Iran deal went into effect, as well as providing financial support for numerous projects in Africa that benefit Jewish people.

Organization programs of this nature aim at children, youth, parents, professionals in the workplace, university students, and soldiers – with programs targeted towards children, youth, parents, professionals in the workplace, university students, and soldiers all being targeted as targets of such programs. Its main goal is promoting a healthier, positive lifestyle while combatting drug and alcohol abuse – this holistic approach works towards developing emotional, social, and spiritual skills within an individual as a result of such programming.

Charity Work: Volunteers and Clergy Working Together The work of this charity is carried out by volunteers and local clergy, in cooperation with African-American congregations in the US. Over recent years, this charity has also begun highlighting possible areas for cooperation between Israel and African American congregations in America; though these two groups may disagree about Israel, both share values which allow for mutual learning from each other’s expertise.

The House of Victory is Israel’s inaugural Bible-based residential rehabilitation center for men who struggle with substance abuse. Here they can leave behind hopelessness and experience Jesus the Messiah’s joy instead.

At House of Victory, men who decide to live here go through three months of intensive treatment and rehabilitation. During this time they must learn how to live as part of a family unit while taking responsibility for themselves as individuals and taking ownership for their actions. Furthermore, they’re taught forgiveness techniques which may prove life-altering.


IsraRehab has been around for 20 years and is widely considered one of the premier rehabilitation facilities worldwide. Since their opening, many people have successfully been helped to overcome their addictions and find joy again through their programs that address all aspects of addiction such as mental health issues or family relationships that might contribute to it, as well as prevention strategies such as relapse prevention programs. Furthermore, their staff strives to deliver excellent patient care services.

Retorno Center in Beit Shemesh, a suburb of Tel Aviv, was established by Rabbi Eckstein after he completed his service in Israel’s army and realized that “good kids from good families were using drugs and alcohol”. Retorno was so successful in Mexico City that Eckstein decided to bring it back home to Israel in 1997 where it currently houses 50-60 patients – one third being female patients – with structured schedules and stringent rules regarding Sabbath observance, diet restriction restrictions as well as contact between male patients (with men staying separate rooms).

As well as detoxification and drug replacement therapy, the facility provides psychotherapy, family counseling, and educational materials to assist clients in dealing with their addictions. The program costs approximately $400,000 monthly with approximately one-third being covered by the state budget; the remaining expenses are funded primarily by donations from American citizens.

As part of their treatment process, patients are examined by various health professionals such as neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists; laboratory tests may also be administered; at the conclusion of all this assessment and testing, doctors will then create an individualized treatment plan based on what was discovered from these tests and examinations.

The Recovery program offers a holistic approach to recovery that draws upon personal experience as well as scientific studies related to addiction treatment. The ultimate aim is to assist participants in returning to a normal lifestyle by teaching stress management techniques and how to cope with triggers; and is available both domestically and abroad.


Tekuma is an incubator for future city innovation at the intersection of design, technology, and real estate. Their firm utilizes design to address complex urban challenges while improving urban dwellers’ quality of life. Established by Kun Qian MArch/MSRED ’16 and Marwan Aboudib MArch/MSRED ’16 who studied architecture and urban planning respectively at MIT; accepted into their delta-V accelerator program; they spent the summer getting ready to launch their innovation-driven startup venture.

The Israeli therapeutic community offers an innovative twelve-step addiction treatment approach that is well suited to treating alcohol and drug addictions, gambling addictions, and eating disorders. Based on the Kibbutz model of a collective society founded on honest cooperation and mutual support, its focus on using twelve steps as a daily way of living helps participants break unhealthy dependencies by offering healthy alternatives as replacement coping mechanisms.

Tekuma also assists its clients in navigating complex legal and medical systems, helping them through asylum applications, family law proceedings, and employment discrimination cases. Their team of experienced attorneys and lawyers offers assistance for asylum applications, family law disputes, and employment discrimination claims; many are bilingual speakers fluent in both Hebrew and English so can represent clients before national and international courts.

IsraClinic is a private psychiatric clinic located in Israel offering comprehensive treatments for substance abuse and mental health problems, including psycho-ergonomics and psychoeducation. Situated near Tel Aviv suburbs, patients come from all over the world for care here. Their friendly staff provides the highest standard of service while the doctors offer optimal care to provide optimal service to every client who steps through its doors. Modern equipment provides modern solutions.

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