Define Normal Before Entering a Drug Detox Center

Does a fish ask a fisherman what normal is? Does a Labrador compare himself to a hyena?

Comparison can be an ugly exercise. We want to be happy like someone we know without knowing how that person feels on the inside. What we see is only part of their story. By comparing ourselves with others, we get a feel for what normal is, or if we don’t do that, we think normal is what we see in our families and how we feel inside.

What we call normal is also suitable or acceptable. We think abnormal means wrong or damaged. Sure, maybe we have some problems, but if they are all typical problems for anyone, we feel okay about ourselves and may blame others for overreacting. It is normal to enter a Drug Detox Center.

Change Is Normal, Right?

One way some of us have chosen to cope with significant changes in drug use. A Drug Detox Center such as Holy Land Rehab can help you evaluate. If we come from a family where our father drank over his problems, we may fall into that pattern too. It could feel normal, even if we don’t like it. Maybe a friend offers something to help us feel better, but is using a street drug a good idea?

This is one of the ways good counseling can help us see our problems and ourselves in a new light. A counselor in a drug detox center can help us ask further questions, like, “Is there ever a good use for our pain? Could bad feelings tell us something we should know?”

When we touch a hot stove, it hurts for a good reason. The furnace will burn our hands if we leave it there. That’s one good use for pain. If we move to a new city or lose our job, it will hurt for a good reason. We don’t know what to do next. We are outside our comfort zones. What new comforts can we find, or timeless comforts can we rely on again?

Has someone betrayed our trust? We can build new trust again. A drug detox center such as Holy Land Rehab offers a comprehensive program.  Has someone rejected our love? We can love others still. Using street drugs or misusing prescription drugs is never a promising avenue for finding comfort. We have better options.

Regular growing pains hurt.

During life transitions, such as entering a Drug Detox Center, normal may feel bad, but before we dull those hurts with drugs or alcohol, let’s talk to an excellent counselor to see what new questions we could be asking. You can chat with us here or call us at 888holyland to discuss your options.

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