What are the Benefits of Individual Therapy?

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A comprehensive substance addiction treatment plan usually includes therapy to address the underlying causes of addiction. Most treatment programs will provide either individual or group therapy, which can benefit those in recovery. Group therapy is conducted in a group setting and is usually facilitated by a counselor, therapist, or clinician. During group therapy, clients are encouraged to discuss their struggles, their experiences, and the progress they have made. This platform is a valuable way for individuals to connect with others like them, develop relationships, and gain support.

Individual therapy is conducted privately and involves only the facilitator and the client. This therapy is especially effective for clients because it allows complete privacy and confidentiality. Therapists work with clients to discover what led them to use substances and what behaviors perpetuated their addictions. Clients develop a deep understanding of why they use it and what they need to do to overcome their addiction. Working individually with the therapist, the client is encouraged to address past life experiences that may need to be resolved. Therapists expose clients to new ways of thinking and reacting to stressors so that they can change their behavior patterns.

One of the key elements of individual therapy is the therapeutic bond. This is the relationship between the therapist and the client, and the strength of this alliance is critical to recovery. Many people enter treatment with trust issues brought on by past betrayals and hurts. The therapeutic bond grows when trust is built between the client and therapist. Using exploratory conversation and sharing techniques, therapists can gently guide clients into revealing things they may not be ready to disclose in group settings. The most personal and private secrets that can cause intense discomfort for the client can once and for all be revealed and resolved in individual therapy.

The type of individual therapy a client receives while in treatment can vary depending on their life circumstances and potential underlying psychological conditions. Regardless of what kind of treatment they initially receive, the therapy can be altered to meet the client’s needs as they grow in recovery. This personally tailored approach is one of the many benefits of individual therapy. It is a powerful method for helping clients get the most out of their treatment and recovery programs.

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