If you’re interested in luxury rehab centers, you should know that there are several options for you. Here are some of them:

Holy Land Rehab Center

Holy Land Rehab is an established private premium rehab center in Israel focused on treating various addictions with specific and effective traditional and modern therapies for patients in need of individual care with problems of alcoholism, narcotics, internet, eating disorders, gambling, dual diagnosis, and other destructive compulsive behaviors.

Holy Land Rehab offers a chance to escape distractions and triggers commonly found in everyday life and toxic environments. It allows the patient to recuperate and focus on restoring physical and mental health. Our patients come from around the world, including Israel, North and Latin America, the UK, Europe, South Africa, and Australia.

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Achva Center for Addictions

Israel is renowned as an excellent destination for rehabilitation, offering a diverse array of treatment options. These include residential treatment centers and kosher alternatives. The Achva Center for Addictions, located in Jerusalem, is among the top facilities, distinguished by its long-standing reputation and range of amenities, such as spas and libraries.

As one of the most established and competent centers, the Achva Center for Addictions provides an ideal environment for individuals seeking help with addiction. Their comprehensive treatment approach aids patients in regaining control of their lives. As a private center, patients are guaranteed high-quality care. The center runs several programs, including the Retorno program, which integrates group and individual therapy with a tailored recovery plan. They also provide an intensive outpatient program, a detoxification process, and medical cannabis detoxification, offering support to patients overcoming their addictions.

The Achva Center for Addictions has gained its reputation as a leading recovery center for alcohol and drug abuse for good reasons. It boasts state-of-the-art facilities, a highly skilled staff, and a variety of affordable treatment plans tailored to different needs and stages of recovery.

Tekuma Recovery Group

Israel’s rehabilitation centers offer a broad spectrum of treatment choices for individuals struggling with substance abuse. The country supports recovery through various approaches, such as 12-Step programs or strengthening relationships with friends and family. Moreover, Israel is an ideal destination for those seeking spiritual growth. Rehab centers cater to diverse needs, ranging from kosher requirements to luxury amenities.

Luxury rehab centers in Israel provide an array of treatment modalities, including residential programs. These comprehensive treatments encompass individual counseling, group therapy, and a range of therapeutic activities. Specific programs also feature a family-oriented component, offering additional layers of support.

For women battling alcoholism or addiction, therapeutic communities are available. These safe spaces are designed to ensure comfort and security during recovery. Numerous centers are exclusively for women, fostering an environment that minimizes potential re-traumatization.

These therapeutic communities also extend their services to individuals grappling with chronic dependencies of various kinds. Unlike conventional rehab centers, they utilize mutual self-help strategies and rational authority. Their approach typically blends the 12-Step methodology with holistic wellness practices. Additionally, they assist those recovering from eating disorders or borderline personality disorders.

Retorno, one of the major programs, tailors its services according to individual needs. It aims to help patients foster internal resources to achieve their recovery goals. Beyond the therapeutic program, additional services such as group therapy and peer support are provided to enhance the recovery journey.

Villa “Ma’abar”

Located in Kiryat Gat, Israel, Villa Ma’abar is a luxury rehabilitation center recognized for delivering high-quality therapeutic services for individuals struggling with drug addiction. The center’s seasoned instructors, certified by the Ministry of Health, provide invaluable guidance for patients on their recovery journey. This facility, renowned for its decades-long experience, offers an array of affordable treatment options.

Over the years, Villa Ma’abar has built a robust reputation for assisting recovering drug addicts. Its certified health professionals are adept at helping clients manage their addictions. The team’s extensive training and dedication have been instrumental in delivering effective therapy and rehabilitation services over the decades, earning the center high regard within the industry.

Villa Ma’abar doesn’t merely offer affordable and reputable services; it also provides a wide variety of specialized therapies. These include acupuncture, massage, yoga, and hypnotherapy. For clients seeking more tailored treatments, certified psychologists and other professionals are available to devise a customized treatment plan. Beyond standard treatments, the center also boasts several alternative amenities, such as a spa, a gym, and an outdoor pool. Whether clients require intensive therapy or a serene space for relaxation, Villa Ma’abar has everything necessary to ensure a comfortable recovery journey.


Metiv, a distinguished Israeli company with a history spanning over 115 years, specializes in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and various other psychological conditions. Metiv also extends its expertise by training mental health professionals across several cities, including New York, Chicago, and New Jersey.

Unique among its achievements, Metiv stands as the only global organization offering a comprehensive PTSD program. The company has a proven track record of responding to domestic and international disasters and has been spotlighted in numerous news publications for its innovative work. Additionally, Metiv is deeply invested in providing medical services to the Israeli military, with a recent organizational mission relaunch expanding its capabilities for both military and civilian clients.

Metiv’s signature program isn’t a universal solution but offers psychotherapy to many patients. These patients may struggle with issues ranging from PTSD to chronic interpersonal conflicts. Furthermore, Metiv has earned a solid reputation for training first responders in various countries, including Haiti, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Thanks to its extensive expertise, Metiv has collaborated with numerous institutions, such as the University of Michigan and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, to achieve its objectives. Its dedication to delivering top-tier psychiatric care to its patients is central to the company’s ethos. Among its most noteworthy treatments are the comprehensive PTSD program and several treatment centers dedicated to combating substance abuse.


Retorno, a series of luxury rehabilitation centers in Israel, offers a holistic approach to addiction treatment. This approach blends group therapy with individual counseling. Clients embark on a three-month detox regimen, followed by an inpatient or outpatient program.

The founder of Retorno is Rabbi Eckstein, an Israeli army commander turned social worker. He initiated the program in Mexico City in 1990 before relocating it to Israel in 1997. Central to the center’s methodology is the 12-step program, widely recognized through its use by Alcoholics Anonymous.

As indicated on its website, Retorno caters to a broad range of addictions. It also upholds Sabbath observance and religious dietary regulations. However, the site notes that the program’s success rate fluctuates annually. 2015 Retorno received a $40,000 grant from the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews for a PTSD program designed for soldiers.

Retorno serves as a residential treatment facility for both adults and youths. Men have the option to stay for six to seven months, while women can stay for nine to ten months. Each client’s treatment plan is customized to meet their unique needs.

In the program’s initial years, success rates tend to be low. However, many graduates have reported significant improvements in their lives due to the program.

While Retorno’s program emphasizes unconditional love for its participants, it also demands self-discipline. Clients are expected to work diligently, and rule violations are met with consequences. The primary goal of Retorno is to help individuals embrace and succeed with the 12-step program. Client feedback often highlights the compassionate staff and the flexibility of its counselors.

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