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Inpatient Detoxification under Medical Supervision.

• Individual, Group, and Family Counseling is available for persons struggling with alcohol and drug abuse and its related problems at all stages of addiction and recovery.

• Intensive Inpatient Programs – Day or Evening are offered up to 5 days per week or three evenings per week in three-hour sessions per day. Activities consist of individual and group counseling, focused educational sessions, skills groups, and self-help participation. Family involvement in treatment is strongly encouraged.

S.U.R.E. Counseling, a Substance Use Intensive Inpatient Program
At S.U.R.E. Counseling, we are sure that you will get the best of
Recovery and

• Relapse Prevention Groups
• Parental & Family Support Groups
• Individual, Couples & Family Counseling Clinical Evaluations & Drug Screening
• DUI & Addictions Awareness Programs

S.U.R.E. Program for Young Adults

The Holy Land Rehab offers supplemental services to meet the needs of young adult patients who are not yet financially independent from their parents. For this group of patients:

SURE Counseling for Young Adults:

  • Offer a weekly parent education and support group.
  • Provide psychiatric care for the treatment of co-occurring mental health
  • Expect regular community support group attendance, AA, NA
  • A weekly planning and education group in the afternoon for young
    adults who are not working or attending school.
  • A combined family therapy group with follow-up recommendations by
    a family therapist.

S.U.R.E. Program for Impaired Professionals

S.U.R.E. = Substance Use Recovery and Education

We offer therapy services for impaired professionals, such as CPAs, attorneys, physicians, licensed nurses, dentists, physical therapists, and pharmacists.

Confidential Assessment and Evaluation

Each individual referred to S.U.R.E. Counseling at Holy land Rehab is thoroughly evaluated by a licensed or certified practitioner in a comfortable, confidential environment. Our assessment process involves a comprehensive evaluation:

  • Hour personal interview covering substance use history as well as other life aspects, including medical, employment, legal, family, spiritual, and relationship issues
  • Addiction Severity Index
  • Nutrition Screen
  • Chronic Pain Screen
  • HIV Screen
  • Urinalysis (as appropriate)
  • Recommendations for treatment and diagnoses along the five DSM-IV axes

Suppose the individual was referred to S.U.R.E. Counseling by a community professional, and we have a valid release of information. In that case, we will contact the referral source after the evaluation to review the recommendation, obtain additional information as appropriate, and ensure continuity of care.

Each individual admitted to S.U.R.E. Counseling at Holy Land Rehab is asked to sign releases of information for work site professionals (supervisors/EAPs/HR), family members, physicians, and other treating medical professionals as desired. Our staff maintains strictly confidential communication with community professionals as indicated by the requirements of the individual.

Initial Rehabilitation Stage

Following assessment, patients will enter Holy Land Rehab Intensive Inpatient Program. Initially, patients attend treatment on weekdays or weeknights, Monday through Friday evenings, for three hours of group therapy and education. The frequency of these sessions is reduced as progress is made, typically encompassing 20 to 30 sessions by completion.


Upon completion of IOP, patients transition into the continuing care phase of treatment, consisting of once weekly 2-hour group therapy sessions that are led by licensed or certified clinicians. Patients in the SURE Counseling Program at Holy land Rehab will attend specialized Continuing Care groups with other professionals. These groups will focus on the distinctive issues professionals must confront in their recovery.

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