The Process

Need help, or need to talk with someone? You can call us toll-free at 888-446-5952 or reach out to us via WhatsApp.

At Holy Land Rehab, we like to get straight to the point – making this easy for you and or your loved ones. Our contact is fluid through your counselor, which will be assigned to you even if you choose another facility. We understand the importance in the continuum of care. Our process eliminates all confusion and gives you a one-stop communication channel with a live and friendly counselor right here in the Holy Land. An English and or Russian-speaking counselor is always available to click here.

  1. Please speak to one of our friendly counselors by clicking here or calling 888-4holyland
  2. Discuss your or your loved ones’ current condition and see if rehab suits you.
  3. Keep in touch with your new Holy Land Rehab counselor. Expect to follow up materials and ask for anything you can think of which will help you make your decision.
  4. Walk the facility with your counselor via our live online video chat option. Meet some of the staff before your arrival through Video
  5. Discuss travel and arrangements. When is best for your visit to Holy Land Rehab in Israel? Discuss your work and family responsibilities, and we’ll do our best to create a custom-tailored schedule.
  6. Your counselor, even prior to signing up, will guide you from A-Z and, along with the driver, will be at the airport to greet you in the Holy Land Rehabilitation facility in Israel.