Rehabilitation in Israel: A Journey of Healing and Transformation

How does the process for drug addiction rehabilitation in Israel begin? It starts before any action is taken. The process gets underway when the addict decides that continuing to live with the addiction is unacceptable. At that point, the addict has the willingness to ask for help.

What happens next? The addict makes that first call and arranges to meet with a rehabilitation professional. At that first meeting, the addict becomes a patient dedicated to making necessary changes.

That’s it: recognizing the addiction is real and committing to do whatever it takes to overcome it and regain control. Once those steps are taken, the staff at Holy Land Rehab is in a position to help.

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Understanding How Addiction Rehabilitation In Isreal Makes A Difference

Gaining control of addiction isn’t easy.  This is true whether you’ve lived with an obsession for months or years. Our staff at Holy Land Rehab understands that.

This is a difficult time for you. To provide you with the support needed to reclaim your life, the resources at Holy Land Rehab in Israel address every aspect of your treatment and recovery. While regaining control of your life, we want your stay to be as comfortable as possible.

How do we do this? We offer fully-trained staff, the best in modern facilities, and every medical and psychological support you require. Ours is an approach that encompasses treating both the mind and the body.

We understand the need to keep your treatment private. Confidentiality is the foundation of our commitment to our patients. Our patient agreements include clauses that expressly prohibit us from providing confidential information to any party you do not authorize. Whether your private information is shared with other medical professionals or family members is up to you.

We have arrangements with some of the best clinics in Israel if you need outside diagnostics or other medical care. They, in turn, also provide confidentiality as part of their patient support. At all times, you remain in control of your proprietary information.

Drug therapy is a common element in addiction treatment. The drug therapists at Holy Land Rehab only use the most up-to-date strategies for withdrawal from alcohol or drug dependency. While using drug therapy to wean you off addictive substances, our staff will ensure that you have cared for any associated emotional or psychological issues that appear.

The contemporary treatment approaches that we utilize are not found everywhere. That’s one of the reasons our drug addiction counselors at Holy Land Rehab can provide support and care that you won’t find at other facilities in Israel.

Beginning Your Rehabilitation In Israel

Members of our staff will meet you at the airport. They will ensure that you arrive at the center without any delays and help with the details of checking into the facility. That includes ensuring you are assigned to comfortable quarters for your stay with Holy Land Rehab.

You will receive the latest addiction treatment and care during your time with us at Holy Land Rehab. Expect to find our facilities high in quality and with all modern amenities. Our staff includes professionals who will see your medical, emotional, and mental health.

Confidentiality is essential to your care. Patient information is never disclosed without your express consent. The agreement you sign includes a clause outlining the process for privacy and sharing data if you need care at another facility.

Holy Land Rehab does maintain copies of the following documents:

  • Your travel plans to and from our facility
  • Copies of documents related to applying for and obtaining a visa if required.
  • Copies of your passport
  • Copies of your official invitation to receive treatment at our facility

All these documents must be prepared and received before you travel to Israel. In the case of the official invitation, we will provide that to you within 1-3 days after receiving copies of the other documents.

Holy Land Rehab does have provisions for emergencies. Under certain conditions, we can supply an invitation within 24 hours, allowing the patient to make the journey to Israel immediately.

Need help, or need to talk with someone? You can call us toll-free at 888-446-5952 or reach out to us via WhatsApp.

Elements of the Drug Addiction Treatment Process

Depending on the nature and severity of the addiction, the course of treatment may include all or most of the following processes:

  • Withdrawal under the care of a team of physicians, including a psychologist and staff members trained specifically in matters related to substance abuse.
  • Counselors with experience in substance abuse cases conduct group therapy sessions.
  • One-on-one therapy sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist
  • Additional support group sessions are conducted under a psychologist, a psychodramatic specialist, and an art-therapy specialist.
  • Massage therapy during withdrawal. Massage chair therapy helps with physical and emotional pain during the first stages of withdrawal by providing emotional respite as well as helping to calm the central nervous system.
  • Art therapy throughout the treatment process. This therapy is aimed at providing some form of outward expression for patients. This provides an outlet for emotions and feelings that may seem confusing for the patient. Many patients find that expressing themselves through art therapy helps them to release negative feelings and emotions.
  • Psychodrama. This approach to group therapy provides a safe setting for utilizing drama in a theatrical form of expression. Improvisation is typical in psychodrama and helps the patient to explore his or her inner feelings. It also serves as a means of discovering new ways to interact positively with others in a post-addiction situation.

Your treatment process is not confined to the facility. When and as appropriate, there is time for guided tours that help you learn more about Israel’s culture and history. These outings also allow you to experience a bit of living without being controlled by your addiction. Expect to enjoy supervised tours to sites like Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and the northern areas of the nation.

Do you have more questions about our treatments or how to arrange a stay at our facility? Contact our team of experts at Holy Land Rehab today to start your rehabilitation in Israel. We’ll provide answers to those questions and help make the necessary arrangements. With our support, you can look forward to moving past your addiction sooner than you thought possible.

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