The Complete Guide: How to Find the Best Rehabilitation Abroad in 2022

Choosing the best rehab abroad can be challenging, with so many options. International rehabs offer much more than first-rate care and are located in Israel.

Because addiction is a highly individual issue, there is no “one-size fits all” approach to addiction treatment. The most successful international rehab programs share crucial elements, such as excellent facilities and effective treatment methods. They also have experienced, qualified staff. You will have the best chance of success if you find an international rehab that offers personalized treatment and combines these elements.

Questions to Determine Your Needs when Choosing Rehab Abroad

Are you unsure where to start when deciding what international rehab you need?

To what am I addicted?

The first step to finding the right rehab abroad for your needs is identifying your addiction type. Are you suffering from a substance or behavioral addiction? You may have multiple habits. You should know that some addiction therapists specialize in specific behavioral addictions, such as sex or gaming.

Regardless of your motivation, international addiction treatment can be a great way to escape the toxic environment that has made your addiction thrive. It will allow you to concentrate on your recovery from an unfamiliar setting, which will help you disconnect from your triggers, such as people, places, and situations that cause you to use them.

Does my addiction require detox?

Different substances have different effects on the body and require other treatments. This is especially true for substances that cause severe physical dependence that requires medically-assisted detox. This includes:

Let’s say you are addicted to one or more of these drugs. Suppose you are suffering from addiction to one of these drugs. In that case, you will need to locate a rehab center that can offer medically supervised detox on-site and transport you to the hospital for any complications. These services are offered in Thailand, a well-known medical tourism destination known for its high-quality healthcare and affordable facilities.

Could I have an underlying mental illness?

A study done in the U.S. showed that more than 40% of people with substance abuse disorders had a co-occurring disease or mental illness.

Do I require confidentiality? What level of privacy do I need?

There are many reasons to keep your addiction secret. Perhaps you are concerned about the impact of revealing your addiction on your professional standing. You might be from a culture where substance abuse is considered taboo and prefer to keep your treatment secret.

Swiss rehabs have, for instance, a stellar reputation for confidentiality. They attract high-profile business people and celebrities from all over the world for discreet one-on-one treatment. These rehabs can be costly and lack group dynamics which are key to addiction recovery, which may prove to be a problem for some.

However, the mere fact that you are flying to another country for treatment of addiction does not make you anonymous.

What kind of environment would I like?

Are you more comfortable in incredible, crisp mountains or warmer, temperate environments? The climate can have a significant impact on our outlook. It is essential to choose a location that suits your needs. During weekly outings, you can also visit popular tourist destinations like Thailand and Spain.

What does rehab abroad cost?

When choosing a program, it is essential to consider the cost of international rehab. Thailand has overhead costs about two-thirds lower than the USA and Europe. This allows Westerners to access top-quality addiction and mental health services for a fraction of the price they would pay back home. Some rehab clinics overseas accept international insurance or other funds, such as superannuation from Australians, to cover treatment costs.

What are my unique needs and preferences?

Are you a vegetarian? Are you a person with mobility problems that require special accommodations? Access to a swimming pool, gym, or classes is essential. You need to be able to do some work while you are undergoing treatment. Or regular internet access is a must. You can take guided tours later on in your recovery. When choosing international rehab centers, consider your personal preferences and needs. Beautiful places all over the globe offer resort-style rehab accommodations in various settings, including lush gardens and snowy peaks.

What You Need to Know: The Key Components of Selecting a Rehab Outpost

Once you have determined your needs, you can search for addiction treatment centers abroad. It is vital to keep your eyes on the essentials when narrowing down possible options.

Can the treatment center treat you?

This is an essential detail if you require medically-assisted detox or suspect you might have a co-occurring disorder.

A rehab center offering 24-hour nursing and psychiatrist-prescribed medication for withdrawal will be necessary.

Let’s say you are seeking treatment for an addiction or mental issue. You’ll need to find programs that can accurately diagnose and treat co-occurring disorders.

Only some treatment centers will cover your needs. It is essential to do your research and speak to someone if you have any questions.

How do you treat it?

There are many treatment options, including the 12-Steps, SMART recovery, CBT-focused co-occurring disorders approach, medically-assisted therapies, and SMART Recovery.

A Holistic Approach: Many rehab clinics worldwide now use a holistic approach to treat addiction. This is because it is a sign of a mental condition. The holistic approach combines proven effective treatment methods to address the addiction’s psychological and physical aspects. This creates a foundation for long-term health and recovery.

What number of clients does the center serve?

You should pay close attention to how many clients are housed in the center if you’re looking for drug rehab abroad that will offer you a personalized treatment plan, group therapy, and feedback. Although large centers might not provide the personal treatment you desire, small centers can be overwhelming. A residential center that promotes healing and individual interactions in a small community can help you to make meaningful connections and break the isolation of addiction.

Does the facility have a license?

International agencies or national oversight bodies will license and accredit quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation. These certifications can help you compare a center to other facilities, determine what standards they adhere to, and how often their operations are reviewed.

What are the qualifications of the staff?

The clinical team’s qualifications may also indicate their experience treating addiction and mental illness. The ideal therapists should have a Master’s in a related field and experience working with international clients.

Do you offer aftercare support?

The hard work of addiction recovery begins when you leave your treatment center’s controlled and safe environment to re-enter the world. In the beginning stages of your sobriety, in addition to the tools you will receive during treatment, you will need additional support as you deal with the stresses and triggers of daily life.

It is essential to make sure that the rehab abroad offers ongoing care, such as individual counseling or access to a sober living program to provide a more gradual transition.

Answering these questions about your needs and the different treatment centers’ offerings will help you determine the right program.

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