Tel Aviv, with its stunning stretch of golden beach, offers something for every traveler. From shopping at bustling marketplaces to taking in world-renowned museums, Tel Aviv boasts plenty of activities. Here are the top things to do while in town.

Carmel Market, more commonly known as Shuk HaCarmel is one of the largest markets in town and offers visitors plenty of treats – be sure to explore its vast selection of spices or stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables for sale!

1. Visit the Carmel Market

Visit the Carmel Market (or Shuk HaCarmel) is one of the premier attractions in Tel Aviv. This iconic market provides visitors with the perfect place to explore, taste, and learn about Israeli culture through food stalls, local restaurants, cafes, and guided tours available from several travel agencies.

The market can be found at the corner of Carmel Street and Allenby Street (closed for Shabbat), making it a convenient spot for souvenir shopping or finding special gifts. Plus, try local breakfast specialties like burkas and hummus at one of its cafes!

Helena Rubinstein Pavilion of Contemporary Art at Carmel Market is another popular attraction, housing various exhibits and serving as a favorite spot among residents of the city. Also nearby, the Joseph Bau House Museum houses one of Israeli poet Hayim Nahman Bialik’s former homes where many exhibits can be seen.

The Carmel Market is open every day except Saturday. The best time to visit is in the afternoon when most food stalls are open; Fridays tend to be especially busy when locals and soldiers who are off duty come shopping for produce and other goods at this market; its special feature being some of its authentic street vendors with colorful stalls that boast plenty of character – making this visit memorable indeed!

2. Explore the Museum of Art

If Tel Aviv is on your bucket list, add one (or several) of its museums to your itinerary. From iconic Bauhaus buildings that gave Tel Aviv its moniker of “White City” to Beit Hatfutsot’s Jewish history museum – you’ll have plenty of chances to explore Israel through these top museums!

Tel Aviv Museum of Art is an important destination for many travelers, offering an outstanding collection of local and international artists as well as numerous events and programs that you can attend, such as art activities for children.

Tel Aviv markets provide another great way to explore culture, with fashionable clothing and jewelry as well as home design items and hardware available for purchase. You’ll have lots of opportunities for haggling while getting an insider view into daily life in Tel Aviv.

Tel Avivians are extremely active when the sun shines, taking part in activities such as jogging, biking, running, and surfing – though water temperatures tend to be rather chilly compared to most Mediterranean beaches – beach volleyball, market and even walking their dogs – to stay fit while staying active in Tel Aviv. Join them and keep fit by taking a walk on one of its beaches or parks located throughout the city.

After dark, take in Tel Aviv’s legendary nightlife by visiting one of its many bars or pubs for drinks and watching the sun go down from one. Explore alone or join an organized pub crawl such as this one designed specifically for visitors and locals alike – be sure to experience its legendary nightlife at least once during your visit!

3. Go for a walk on the Tayelet Beach

Tel Aviv’s streets are an amazing gallery of street art. You’ll find it everywhere from Old Jaffa and Levantine to HaHagana bus station and beyond! Tour guides will show you all of their favorite spots while solo explorers can go exploring and uncover hidden gems as they travel – this is a fantastic way to experience Tel Aviv and make new discoveries along the way!

Tayelet Beach promenade is one of the city’s crowning glory, especially at night when crowds descend upon it for street performances and architectural marvels such as the Reading power plant and two museums that line it. A stroll down this boulevard will leave visitors spellbound.

Namal or Tel Aviv Port has undergone an elegant revival and now boasts chic restaurants, bars, and shopping venues as well as stylish events and parties. There is also a live performance to experience here or join one of many classes held there – everything from paddleboard yoga classes to Kabbalat Shabat services are offered here.

Tel Aviv is the ideal place to gain insight into what makes Tel Aviv truly special, whether on foot, by taxi (known as sherut), car, or bike – or join one of Tel Aviv’s eco-friendly small group tours that allow visitors to explore its highlights in style and comfort – eco-friendly tours provide an amazing way to explore this vibrant city while being much less stressful than driving yourself around on weekdays!

4. Stay fit

Tel Aviv, with its warm climate and seafront location, makes keeping fit a lifestyle. Residents enjoy running, surfing, and cycling to stay fit, in addition to wellness retreats and healthy cuisine that draws inspiration from its surrounding waters.

Setai Tel Aviv offers one of the best luxury accommodations in Tel Aviv with its prime waterfront location, recently renovated interior, 18th-floor rooftop bar, and spa/fitness center set to open later this year. In the meantime, guests can make use of the nearby gym or explore Tel Aviv using one of their complimentary bikes provided.

HaYarkon Street is an exciting, upscale shopping and dining strip ideal for an afternoon stroll. Be sure to stop at the Bauhaus Museum first – its exhibitions provide valuable context on the architecture seen on HaYarkon Street itself as well as in newly restored buildings; then enjoy some art exhibits at Eretz Israel Museum before making your way over to Bialik House which used to serve as the town hall but now functions as a museum; there are also several Mizrahi synagogues nearby!

Israel boasts numerous beaches known as Tayelet Beach that provide casual walks, jogs, and exercise to its citizens. Enjoy taking advantage of Israel’s salty sea air while admiring beautiful views on a Saturday stroll along these promenades for exercise or casual strolling!

Visit Yarkon Park, an expansive green lung with cycling and running trails as well as the country’s largest water park, where you’ll also find Hula Valley Dance Academy performances and tightrope walking for something truly different – dedicated locals test their balance and core strength by traversing over water!

5. Shop

Tel Aviv is an ideal shopping city, boasting numerous malls and markets for those with an addiction to retail therapy. Be sure to visit Carmel Market which features everything from fresh produce and clothing trends to jewelry pieces; another must-see attraction is Shuk Hapishpeshim (Jaffa Flea Market). With tons of shops offering everything from jewelry, art, kitchenware, and street food available nearby as well as cool cafes for a relaxing coffee break – there’s sure to be something in Tel Aviv to keep any shopaholic happy!

For those seeking a more luxurious experience, Sheinkin Street should be your destination. Spanning Gan Hahashmal to Rothschild Boulevard, it features boutique-esque stores like Emanuel, Belle and Sue, and Story as well as secondhand stores and local jewelry designers.

Sarona Market, a 140-year-old former Templar colony, offers shoppers another prime shopping location. Although still under development, this neighborhood features numerous specialty shops that sell unique products and antiques – such as lamp stores, furniture sellers, and spice suppliers.

Dizengoff Center offers something more modern, offering some of the largest international chain stores as well as restaurants and a movie theater for an enjoyable shopping experience. If traveling with children is on your agenda, Dizengoff Center makes an ideal destination. Not only will there be ample stores but there are also restaurants and movie theaters.

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