Why Israel: A Compelling Destination for Drug Rehab and Recovery

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People living in Israel, Canada, the United States, and Great Britain have an extraordinary opportunity to end their dependency and live in sobriety.

The treatment is performed in Israel. This means that the patient will be able to achieve emotional well-being and independence from dependence. We believe that miracles are impossible to believe in. The resident will be able to reexamine the repetitive stories he has been telling about his life, even though he is far away from familiar people, places, and things.

Ancient Israel was the birthplace of the two most important Western religious/cultural movements. They were formed against all odds. The State of Israel and its citizens have maintained that tradition over the past 100 years with some innovative social inventions like the Kibbutz.

The Kibbutz, a social innovation created by Jewish settlers in Palestine during the 19th century, was crucial in establishing Israel’s State in the 20th Century. Self-enclosed rural cooperative communities were established throughout the country for security, settlement, and development. These communities were responsible for the miracle results that made the swamps and deserts bloom. The foundations of the Kibbutz were the principles of cooperation, honesty, and mutual support. It’s no surprise that the international Holy Land Rehab movement (just 40 years old) found fertile ground here in Israel, having already been enriched by the Kibbutz experience over the past century.

The Kibbutz culture will allow the addict or alcoholic to become a part of our residential alcohol and drug treatment programs in Holy Land Rehab. As a result of his experience in the supportive environment of drug rehab and alcohol treatment, he will create a new story about his life. These Israeli women and men dedicated to drug rehab and alcohol treatment at Holy Land Rehab believe that miracles are a daily reality and that success is essential for their survival.

It is difficult to overcome addictions, alcoholism, and other dependence. Motivation to seek treatment for addiction and get help with alcoholism must be based on solid group identity and spiritual inspiration. This is possible in the Israeli Holy Land Rehab.